Bound to Strip – The Board Game

Helping couples who want to tie each other up, or want to be tied up : do so in a safer, fun, and erotic way.


As you work around the board, you slowly remove items of clothing.  You’ll get tied up by your partner, and  you may get sent to ‘the dungeon’ at any time for some sensual teasing.  Will you be the first to make it to the ‘fantasy ending’, thus ensuring you take control in the fantasy scene to follow?

Over the last 20 years, there’s been a marked increasing trend in the popularity and acceptance of bondage, and of course more recently, the massive popularity of the 50 shades series worldwide.  Bondage is increasingly popular amongst consenting adults, but couples don’t always know how best to share their interest or fantasy with their partner.

‘Bound to Strip’ was initially developed as a game to help those ‘new to the ropes’ so they could use an effective way to help enhance their bondage experiences with their partner.

The game has been further adapted to be versatile enough, to also suits those consenting adults who may have been involved in the scene for some time, with options to incorporate their own toys and equipment into the game.

After much development, testing with many willing volunteer couples around the world, sourcing suppliers, and final finishes to the look and feel of the game, Bound to Strip will very soon have a limited edition batch of games in production. To buy one for yourself, please visit our purchase page.

Alternatively, to see more information on the superb designer working on the graphical representation of the game, please view

Photos which are forming some of the background images to the game can also be seen on Lorelei’s website, along with additional images by BoundtoStrip themselves.

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